Bronze & Silverware

In former times, every household utilized superbly hand-crafted bronze tableware. Descendents of Ayutthaya craftsmen continue to create gleaming bronze bowls, tea sets and trays in the style of their ancestors at the Nagkok community of Ban Bu. Here artisans beat bronze sheets into shape with hammers and burnish the products with stones, in the ancient khan long hin style, adding intricately carved designs on the outer surface.

A modern bronze artform has been developed in Chachoengsao province in order to create beautifully finished handicrafts for export. Bronze plates are cut into thin “threads”, which are then woven into a variety of containers using bamboo weaving techniques. Final products such as baskets, bowls and trays are coated with resin to prevent tarnishing. The traditional centre for hand-crafted silverware is Chiang Mai province, particularly Wualai Road and Sankhampaeng Highway. Silversmiths in the old Lanna Kingdom were heavily influenced by Burmese masters of silver work, teaching skills that have passed down through generations. Today’s northern artisans hammer out intricate and beautiful scenes of nature, elephants and Ramayana in high relief on bowls, trays, boxes and vases made of high purity silver using a combination of Lanna and Burmese designs.