The Ministry of Commerce plays an important role in marketing the unique OTOP products by introducing the very best of them to local and international markets. Besides providing advice to local communities on design, packaging and quality control, the ministry determines the market potential of OTOP products, protects local wisdom through establishing intellectual property rights and facilitates matchmaking links between domestic and international markets.


Under the umbrella of OTOP, community products are reaching out to the world market thanks to their unique appeal and designs. OTOP exhibitions are a feature of trade shows in Thailand organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) enabling thousands of international buyers to discover the quality and appeal of attractive hand-made local products.


On the horizon is the establishment of OTOP kiosks throughout Thailand, the development of e-commerce for OTOP products and roadshows of OTOP items with high export potential at international trade fairs in which the DEP participates.