Health & Beauty Products

Traditional medicine and herbal potions have been used in Thailand for centuries to provide relief from aches and ailments, while Thai herbs flavor a cuisine renowned around the world. However, the recent growth of health spas has brought attention to the traditional use of herbs in steam treatments, massage, aromatherapy and beautifying products such as shampoos.

Traditional herbal mixtures are now in demand as authentic Thai spa treatments, creating village industries supplying herbal packages for steam treatments and poultice presses. The ancient tradition of passing steam through herbal mixtures cleanses, relaxes and invigorates the body, while heated poultice packs are pressed onto the bod< to provide relief from muscle aches. These packs contain up to 10 herbs, including lemongrass (muscle toner), prai (of the ginger family, relieves dry skin), kaffir lime (skin toner) and turmeric (skin freshener).

While sweet aromas are attractive in spas, fragrant lemongrass’ ability to chase away mosquitos is being incorporated into decorative candles, which double as popular insect repellents.   

Spas are not the only beneficiary of Thai ingenuity. Producers of beauty products are using local knowledge of herbs and plants, such as incorporating extracts from blue unchan, a flower known for its hair - softening properties, into shampoos and hair care products. Juice from mangosteen peel, long used to lighten skin spots, is now added to face soap and skin care products.